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Attention Journalists and Communicators across Africa!

Have you previously covered stories related to critical issues impacting our environment, food systems, and communities? Are you passionate about agroecology and its role in shaping a sustainable future?


We invite you to share your previously published stories that delve into various key oppressions within the realm of agroecology. We are particularly interested in stories on the following topics:


  1. Greenwashing: Exposing deceptive marketing tactics employed by corporations to appear environmentally friendly while engaging in harmful practices.

  2. GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms): Investigating the implications, controversies, and socio-economic impacts of genetically modified crops.

  3. Biopiracy: Uncovering the exploitation and appropriation of indigenous knowledge and genetic resources by corporations for profit.

  4. Food Apartheid: Highlighting systemic inequalities in access to nutritious food, often based on race, class, or geographic location.

  5. Food Politics: Analyzing the political dynamics shaping food production, distribution, and consumption, and their effects on communities.

  6. Industrial Agriculture: Examining the environmental degradation, health risks, and social injustices associated with large-scale, monoculture farming.

  7. Genome Editing or Gene-Editing in Plants: Exploring the ethical, regulatory, and ecological implications of manipulating plant genomes.


Your stories will contribute to raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and catalyzing positive change towards a more just, sustainable, and resilient food system in Africa and beyond.


Submission Guidelines:

  1. Share links or copies of your previously published stories on the specified topics.

  2. Ensure stories are accessible for review.

  3. Submissions must be original and previously published.

  4. The stories you’re submitting should have been published in 2023 or 2024.


Selected stories will be featured in a dedicated copy of The Agroecology Post and distributed widely to amplify your message and influence policymakers, activists, and the public.


Join us in amplifying communities' voices, challenging oppression, and championing agroecology as a pathway to a healthier planet and people.


Submit your previously published stories by 13th June 2024 to


For inquiries and further information, write to


Together, let's ignite change through the power of shared narratives!

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