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Despite the commitment of small-scale farmers towards up-scaling Agroecology in Uganda through practice change and policy influencing, the media, especially journalists and communicators, haven’t been highly active in shaping public opinion on Agroecology. Small-scale farmers believe that if the media adopted promoting Agroecology in Uganda, the population would start consuming healthy food and expose the negative impact of industrial or conventional agriculture on the environment and health of citizens. This would also improve the general public health and incomes of small-scale farmers as more people would transition to consuming healthy foods which small-scale farmers produce.

ESAFF Uganda developed the first online agroecology school for journalists and communicators that can be accessed at any time. The principal objective of the online Agroecology School for Journalists and Communicators is to build a network of journalists and communicators around Uganda and Africa working with small-scale farmers to contribute to the national and continental transition to Agroecology through disseminating the right information. This School is part of ESAFF Uganda’s actions on upscaling Agroecology in Uganda to achieve equitable and sustainable food systems as per the FAO’s Scaling up Agroecology Initiative.

The Journalists and Communicators who participate in this course join a bigger movement of Journalists and Communicators focused on promoting agroecology in Uganda. ESAFF Uganda tracks agroecology related media stories that are published and written by the Journalists and Communicators who participate in this course.

The Online Agroecology School for Journalists and Communicators is a product of ESAFF Uganda. 

This school has positioned me to be able to write a well balanced and informative story that can educate the community that I am working with and also protect our national food sovereignty.

Okema David, Vision Group, Uganda


The Online Agroecology Course for Journalists and Communicators

This course covers different aspects of agroecology and it’s taught by experienced small-scale farmers and other expects from different organisations. This course is a 3 months course and involves different modules that are studied online include 3 in-person sections i.e. Agroecology Introductory Workshop, Agroecology Learning Journey and the Agroecology Experience Sharing Workshop.

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