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Introducing our law firm

Agroecology School for Journalists and Communicators

We are building a network of journalists and communicators around Uganda and Africa working with small-scale farmers to contribute to the national and continental transition to agroecology through disseminating information.

Our Products


The Online Agroecology Course for Journalists and Communicators

This course covers different aspects of agroecology and it’s taught by experienced small-scale farmers and other expects from different organisations. This course is a 3 months course and involves different modules that are studied online include 3 in-person sections i.e. Agroecology Introductory Workshop, Agroecology Learning Journey and the Agroecology Experience Sharing Workshop.


The Agroecology Post

This is a unique monthly magazine detailing different agroecology stories around Uganda and beyond. These stories are sourced from the different media houses and organisations.


The Agroecology Grant

During the 1st cohort of our Online Agroecology Course for Journalists and Communicators, many journalists and communicators informed us that their media houses aren’t interested in supporting stories related to agroecology. ESAFF Uganda and partners then innovated this grant. This grant is for supporting journalists and communicators to report and communicate issues related to agroecology to the citizens.


Regional Agroecology Media Workshops

The workshops seeks to train
journalists and communicators on important aspects of Agroecology and empower
them on identifying unique Agroecology stories that they can report about. Journalists and communicators learn more about
reporting and writing.

After completing this workshop, I feel like going back and redoing all the stories I did that were promoting conventional and harmful agriculture

Achola Susan, Radio Wang Ooh


Are you a Journalist OR Communicator 


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